Email error spam

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Not sure if this is the right place but my email account (XXXXXX) keeps getting spam from "mail delivery system and subsystem" not sure whats the go there. It just keeps popping up everytime today i woke up to 600 emails with those words in the title and when i click on said email sometimes it just boots me off email and i have to relog in.


Hi @Gammah,


We've edited your post with your email account username as it may compromise your security.


Based on you've stated, it seems that the emails that you are receiving is somewhat a virus or so, since it boots you off from your email client.


You need to run a full scan on your computer and update your anti-virus with the latest one.


You may create a filter to lessen this type of emails to be received. You may check this previous community post which will guide you on how to set a filter. Here's the links: Unwanted e-mails , Email address mostly SPAM


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