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Feeling really disappointed in TPG

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I have been a loyal TPG internet and mobile customer for quite some time now.

We have not had home internet for almost a week now. I understand these things happen, and that is not a big deal. My wife and I work from home however, so we have had to use our mobile data for this time. Due to this, we are almost out of data.

We have called TPG multiple times, and they just passed us from department to department. Eventually we were told that they couldn’t offer any bonus data, or could not even start our billing cycle early. So our only option is to pay $10 for every 2gb when we need to work to pay our bills.

We have been loyal through a lot of things, however this looks like it will be what causes us to change provider. Very disappointing.

Hi AaronW. We understand the importance of the service let us take this opportunity to turn around your experience and get to the bottom of this. 


Could you send us a your details (Customer ID/Username together with the address on file) so we can chase this with our Engineering Team and raise a billing adjustment to our Engineering Team to compensate the down time of the service.

Note: The compensation's assessment will start once the fault is resolve. 

How to send a PM?