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Formal service termination request

Level 2

Since I can't find any cancellation form nor any useful info regarding the cancellation request process apart from all those posts with PM and follow up calls by account specialist, here is my formal service termination request.

Please cancel my ADSL2+ home phone bundle effective immediately and I do not wish to speak to any account specialist regarding this. 


PS. Please do not call.


Hi @bb33 


I'm sorry to know that you're discontinuing your account with us. Our Escalations Team is the one who can best assist you with your request. I understand that you don't want to receive a call back, so we can have them reach out to you via email instead.


To ensure that we'll be endorsing the right account, can you PM us the customer ID or username that you want to cancel and the contact email address?




Level 2

@Will the user name is same as my forum id bb33


Thanks for confirming your account username, @bb33.


Please expect an email from our Escalations Team within the day.