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Got charged twice, but no refund yet!

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Hi, I was charged twice during my initial FTTH setup, cause the executive over the call, charged it to the wrong account the first time. I've been waiting for a refund for a month now, and there's been no clarity whatsoever. The last time I was given a vague response, as to the refund would happen after the modem was returned by the other account holder. I don't see why I need to be held responsible for someone else's error. Before I escalate this further or take this to the consumer forums, can I get clarity on when the refund will come through??



Hi @rufusjn07

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We'd like to have a better understanding on your case and ensure that you'll get the refund on whatever service that you did not utilise. Send us a private message with your customer ID or username and we'll take care of it. 

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