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My ACCOUNT Requires OTP Setup

Level 2

Unable to login to My Account on "", says it's missing mobile number. I did miss (junk mail) the TPG customer notification back in August about OTP for accessing My Account. So now customer serivce informed me to email in my mobile number plus my driver license number. Really!!? I did just validate my customer number, name, DOB and address. TPG also has my bank details.


I do not want TPG to keep a record of my driver license or any other sensitive private information (think Optus). Your privacy policy did not mention driver license -

Is there a way around this?


Hi @chupachups


Sometimes if we’re unable to verify you, we may need you to provide us with your government issued photo identification. 

We have strict measures in place to ensure that your personal information can only be seen and used by staff who need it to do their jobs. Any information that is sent to us for identification purposes is destroyed once we no longer require the information.


We do not request for a specific ID to be sent by customers. Any Government issued photo identification will do.