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HG659 32 Device limit reached. Is there a firmware update to fix this?

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I recently added a number of wifi home automation devices and the last two would not connect to the wifi network.

After checking the HG659, I counted 32 total devices in the W/LAN.  Some were active and others were greyed out.  I deleted all the greyed out devices and re-booted the HG659 and was able to connect the last two devices.  That was good but I am now again having problems with additional devices not being able to connect. 

I know that 32 devices is a large number but only a few of my devices are in use at once and the home automation devices are very low data use.  The 32 device limit is wierd as the DHCP server can handle up to 254 IP addresses and my NBN service is on the 100Mbps top tier so that bandwidth shouldn’t be problematic.

Is there a fix to this problem such as firmware update or setting fix?

My current hardware is Ver. B, software V100R001C216B112



Hi @webbpj,


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We can send a firmware upgrade request to check if this will make a difference, but we'd like to set your expectation that though the modem has a 32 device limit, we still need to consider the bandwidth you are getting if this can accommodate all the devices connected and their online activities.


We'll revert to you once we receive an update regarding the firmware upgrade.


Hello @webbpj


The firmware update has now been completed. 


Should you require further assistance, you may reach out to us again or you may check out our self-help options located here: