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How can I get in touch with someone to cancel my service?

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Dear TPG,


I have tried to contact you on the phone, on the online "chat" for the last 4 days. I have not been able to get through, and when I have got through - I gave all my details to "Denes" and was told that I would be put in touch with an Account Specialist - 30 mins later I was still waiting online with no response.


I originally wanted to move my service as I am moving house, however given how bad TPG's customer support is - I have taken another provider whose online chat actually works (and, they have rung me as a courtesy as well). I totally appreciate these are unprecedented times, however I have been shocked as to how difficult you have made it for customers to contact you for the most basic things. If other service providers can respond online, why can't you?


Regardless - I would like to provide notice to cancel my service (with this being my last month of service). My username is sand1983. If I do not hear back from TPG I will instruct my credit card provider to block the charge from TPG going forward.





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Good on you. I've left TPG as well and will NEVER return. Still waiting to cancel my account...

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There a bunch of useless dickheads
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Same situation. Now I wanting to cancel my service with TPG, but no one from their company can help. No one answered phone call, they are 24 hours busy serving other customers as they stated. Smiley Happy 

They only answered phone calls to who would like to join their internet, ignor all the existing customers.