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How to activate a new SIM

Level 2

Received a replacement SIM.


Using instructions on the TPG letter that came with the SIM

On my PC

1. logged in to my account

2. Found a new dashboard (not the old menu as detailed in the letter)

3. Found NO place to register my new SIM

4. Searched for help: no help

5. Though trial and error founf if I pressed the "switch" icon I could activate the old menu

6. Went to the "View all mobile service accounts" as instructed on the letter

7. Only thing there is "Transferred to Novus"


8. Checked help for that

9. Apparently a similar problem for months:  no fix offered.


Wondering how you guys are still in business if no one for the last x months can register their new SIMs


Can you help me?







Hi @Paulos


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I have retrieved your account/s using your community details. We're sorry for the inconvenience. If you are to activate that SIM, you must log in to TPG My Account using your new customer ID as to which was sent to your email address recently (19th of Nov). The password will be the same with your old log in). 


In any case that you still cannot activate the SIM via my account, you will need to call our Mobile Support for manual SIM activation at 13 14 23 (Option 2 + 3). The office hours are as follows:


Monday - Friday 8AM - 7PM

Saturday - Sunday 9AM - 6PM

Public Holidays 9AM - 6PM


Let me know if you require further assistance.