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How to top up international data account from overseas?

Level 2
Hi I’m currently overseas and have activated international roaming, but can’t log into my account online to add credit to my account so I can use international mobile data. Is there a restriction on being able to log into my account from overseas? If so, how can I add credit to my account?
Community Manager

Hey @Jane_do,


You won't be able to log into your account from overseas. Our Privacy Team will be able to lend you a hand with this one.


Just fill out the form below and they'll be in touch with you ASAP.


Confirm Identity Request | TPG

Level 2
Thanks I’ve just done this

Awesome. Our Privacy Team will send you a verification link over text to the number you entered on the form.


They'll also send you an email, so if you need to have that link sent to an alternate number, you can let them know there.


Enjoy the rest of your time overseas! 😊