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I get "At least one phone number is required" error when updating Account details

Level 3

Hi All,

Tonight I tried to "Update Contact & Payment Details". I'm a new user, so my old Email address is no longer valid.

I input my new TPG Email address then ticked the acknowledgement and finally clicked on "Update Details Now" button. After that I immediately get this error





But I have already input my Mobile number.

I thought that a mobile number would be the logical choice of phone number because if the NBN is down I won't have any other phone to be contacted on.

I think that you need to update your system to allow Mobile phone numbers as a legitimate "phone number".


Regards, Leigh


Hi @Leigh63


Thanks for reaching out to us about this and providing your feedback about your experience. Are you able to PM us your new email address so that we can help. 



Level 3

Hi @Julien_M

I've been PM'ing with Erika, about this and another related problem, but I wanted some information to be able to be shared with other members that might have come across the same situation.


I have to admit that you guys on this community can get things done quickly and efficiently, but us users should not have to rely on this Community Forum to fix a "self serve" problem (and your time is probably better spent heping members with more important problems than this one).


Tonight I have successfully managed to change my contact details by including my Home phone number as well as my Mobile number (at least two phone numbers ??).

This was not a logical solution, but it was a solution none the less.


Personally I still think that the webpage needs to be updated to accept a Mobile number as "at least one phone number"


Regards, Leigh.


Thanks @Leigh63. Please be assured that we take a genuine interest in all customer feedback. We will pass this on to our  web developers.  Regards,