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I made enquiry to another NBN telco only for my TPG NBN account to be cancelled

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Let me first apologise if I have posted this in the wrong section - I felt this was the closest to my problem.


Last weekend (3rd November), I made an enquiry to another NBN provider as I was interested in a package that that telco offered that TPG didn't.

Then the following Monday (5th), my TPG NBN/Home phone account was disconnected, and since then I have had no internet nor a home phone service.


For critical health care, having a working home phone service was imperative for my household's extended family.


So I contacted TPG only to be advised that because I had made an enquiry to another telco, and that that telco had checked with NBN as to the service at my address, NBN had cancelled my NBN service with TPG.  The TPG consultant then advised that I could be reconnect I required; of course I wanted it turned back on, so the consultant said they would arrange for it to be reconnected, but was given no indication when that would happen, but thought that it might happen that or the next day.

After no service by Wednesday, I began the rounds of phone calls on my 'payg' TPG mobile service:

I called TPG to be told that they are waiting for NBN to reconnect the service;

I called NBN only to be told that they can't do anything, I have to go through my provider;

I received an email from TPG requesting I check my modem/router, that I check my cabling, that I check there is power to the modem/NBN box. (WTF - what has that got to do with my account being cancelled);

So, I called the provider I had enquired with in the first place and told them my situation. The telco tells me that they couldn't get me a phone line straight away but they can get me connected on the internet straight away if I'm prepared to go ahead with a service order for the package I had enquired - so I did.  The next day, I had received a modem/router with a built in 4G sim service that has enabled me to at least connect to the internet.  (And they criticise this telco for not caring for their customers - they certainly get my vote.)


So, you ask - what is my question??

I guess my questions are - 

Why am I [still - after nearly 4 days] without a TPG service?

Why did NBN diconnect my NBN service with TPG when all I did was to enquire about another telco's product?

How come one telco can get me connected to the internet within 24hrs, when my existing provider couldn't even reconnect me?


Perhaps I could ask TPG to change my mobile plan to a full-on data service - well I asked TPG if they could, and they can - but it wouldn't take affect until my mobile phone the roll-over date - on the 23rd Nov.


It would be nice if there was not only some answers to my questions but also same action from TPG [or NBN Co for that matter].





Hi @dacordave,


Thanks for raising this with us.


If you made an enquiry to another NBN provider, then it means they will just provide you the options or packages that you can choose that will suit your needs. Providing this information should not affect the service, however, on your case, after the said enquiry the service has gone down.


With this being said, we can conclude that the provider that you've enquired has requested for a service transfer of your NBN account using the details that you've given them, in which resulting for your TPG NBN service to be disconnected. This explains how they can activate the account within a few days.


When the account has been taken and the customer would like to proceed with TPG NBN service. We then request to NBN Co for a service transfer as well, in which process may take a few days depending on the response of our third party provider.


We can see that you have now transferred your service to another provider so we are unable to investigate the issues you have reported with the service. We wish you all the best with your new provider and hope that you will consider TPG again in the future we would welcome the opportunity to turn your experience around.


Kind regards,