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Incorrect date of birth (not my error)

Level 2

I have made a complaint with the TPG Customer Complaints section around trying to correct your mistake with my date of birth and being asked to send an email to you with a photo of myself AND my passport to "validate" my details.


I refuse to do this as it's very unsafe and makes me vulnerable to identity fraud. Since you have made the error (which is very disturbing since I know my DoB and it is incorrct in your system which I've given you no authority for you to change).


The Customer Complaints person keeps stating "We tried to call you, but..." when I have received NO call from TPG whatsoever, so from what I can tell, TPG are avoiding trying to help me which is very bad customer service.


I'm happy for a technician to come to my house, sight my passport and validate my DoB but I am under no circumstances sending it over an unsecured line (to a company who hasn't respected my personal details in the first place). You shouldn't be keeping such emails or information as photos in your system. It's just very bad record management.


Can someone help, please?


Hi @kimbo1111


We value the privacy and security of each of our customer's account. 


Please send us a private message with your TPG username or Customer ID and we'll help in getting this sorted. 



Level 2

I've sent you a message. Thanks, Kim