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International Roaming Fee & Data Barring

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I'm really unhappy and annoyed with the services that are being provided by TPG. I've received two incorrect charges to my account yesterday (30th October 2020), and although I've gotten in contact for help on both of these occasions, these issues are still ongoing.

1. International Roaming Fee

I received an email and SMS informing me that I had signed up for international roaming data, and was going to be charged $500 for it (received these notifications around 6PM in the evening). This is incredibly concerning, because I never signed up for this in the first place, nor was I anywhere near signing up for this. I called TPG support to resolve this, and was on the line for 20 minutes. The employee told me that on my account it does say that I have it disabled and that there was a problem, and that he was going to resolve this - this has not happened. Unfortunately for him, I've just received another email from TPG confirming that I now have an outstanding balance of $500 charged to my account...I would really appreciate someone removing this charge from my account because I never agreed to it, nor have any need for it because I'm in Australia and not overseas. I refuse to pay this balance, this is an error on TPG's part, not mine.

2. Data Barring

I also received an SMS earlier this day stating that I had insufficient prepaid balance and that my data would be barred because of this. My TPG mobile is paid in advance with direct debit, and I checked my bank account to confirm that this was processed recently (processed on the 26th October 2020). I also checked my mobile usage to confirm I hadn't gone over my usage limit (not even close, have only used up to 1GB and have almost 13GB free). I reached out on another QA post here in this community, and was told it was resolved - but I went to check, and it was NOT resolved, my data is still not working. This, like the other issue, is another hassle I have to deal with. 

It's very inconvenient and stressful that I have to deal with these two issues, and the fact that they occured within the same day no less. I'm really disappointed and annoyed by the service provided here, and would greatly appreciate these issues to be resolved ASAP. I really don't want to be wasting my time emailing and calling to resolve problems I never made.


Hi @nf19


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


We've responded to your previous post here. Whilst we understand that you’re frustrated, please avoid multiple posts. It takes us away from being able to assist other customers and delays our response to them,


Stay safe.