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International roaming - refund of funds

Level 2


I accidentally activated international roaming, and was charged a roaming fee to top up my balance


- On 14 Feb 2022, I was charged $440.59, which brought my bank account into overdraft

- On 19 Feb 2022, I was charged my regular $1 PAYG subscription fee

- On 23 Feb 2022, there was a late rejection (likely due to the overdraft account)

- On 25 Feb 2022, I was charged a $10 rejection fee and a $1 subscription fee

- On 15 Mar 2022, I was credited with $477.84 after the international roaming had been deactivated as soon as I noticed the mistake

However, this credit has not reached my bank account. Instead, it is simply serving as a TPG credit balance.

- On 1 Apr 2022, I was charged my regular @$1 PAYG subscription fee, albeit at a different date than usual


When can I expect the credit to be transferred back into my account? Naturally, I am not interested in having a now $476 credit on a $1 PAYG plan.


Hi @0413269669


Kindly confirm your TPG account details (i.e. account number, TPG mobile number) via private message