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Internet service cancellation

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Hi there,


 I would like to cancel my internet service as I am not receiving anywhere near the speeds that I need to work properly. I have spent the last two months having to use my mobile hotspot and data to access the internet. 




I would like this service cancelled immediately. Can someone please get in contact with me Smiley Sad 

I have tried to PM a moderator, however this is not available to me as there is no private message button when i click on a profile.


I have followed the instructions here  ( )  and they seem to be out of date. The operation of this website is very poor and tries to deter customers from cancelling or easily controlling their accounts. Why?


Hi @patrickt , we are sorry to know that you'd like to cancel the service. We have already raised your concern to our Escalations Team and a specialist will be in touch to address the concerns raised.


Kindly await a call within the day.