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Keeping a email address

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Hi everyone,


Due to the price increase in 2022 and 2024, I am considering moving to another internet provider. One concern is my parent's email addresses. They have used in the past 26 years (yes we signed up with TPG since 1998) and would like to keep it. 


I know email boxes were migrated to the messaging company in 2023.


1 - Does it mean it is no longer under TPG jurisdiction and it is now free to keep like gmail, yahoo mail?

2 - What will happen to the email address if I am no longer a TPG customer? 




Hi @lazy_worm,


We appreciate your loyalty with us! 


The decision has been made after taking a range of factors into consideration, including recent changes to the wholesale costs we pay NBN for the use of its network. We are now in a position where we need to make changes to the pricing of some of our NBN plans. 

Furthermore, you can opt-in to transfer your TPG email address to another Australian email provider, The Messaging Company. The Messaging Company will become your email provider and most importantly, you will not lose any emails, contacts or calendar events as part of the transfer. 

Please send us a private message and we'll assist with the account. 



Level 15

@Ahra_G . You haven't answered the two questions.


Even TMC don't know their charging structure. Possibly, either free with ads like Gmail, or monthly fee based on number of emails or data size.


Since TMC provides the email function, what happens if the user switches their internet to another provider? Will the user still be able to keep their TPG email address with TMC but use another internet provider?




Hi @david64, if the customer wants to keep their email address, they need to migrate to TMC before switching to another provider. 

If they switch ISP prior to migration, the email will also be disconnected.