Late cancellation

Level 2
Good morning,

Today I was still sent an invoice for $124 from this months internet charge plus last months. As stated before I contacted support and messaged on the TPG forum/ support page all the way back in November so I will not be paying for the Dec-January + any further charges.

I was in hospital from the end of September till October and moved back to my parents house after that due to how sick I am.

The service has been payed up until November and I will not be paying and more fees. For proof look at the 5G usage, it hasn’t been used since September. Especially so I’ve been in contact with support since November and asked on the private question page for my account to be cancelled (unfortunately this took a long time as it’s so hard to cancel a service because there is basically no information on it - this is probably done on purpose) therefore will not be paying any bills sent to me. I can not afford it and do not have access to funds for a service I haven’t been using!

This has been the most frustrating experience with any company I’ve dealt with. I’ve been in contact about it getting cancelled since November and only now in JANUARY it’s getting cancelled. And I’m still getting charged for the next set of fees!!?

Hi @Ameliaeliza,


We're keen on checking what happened in this instance. Please send us a private message and we'll pull up your account.