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Live.vodaf excessive data?

Level 3

My last 2 TPG mobile bills have gone over it's data and I have been charged extra.
I have just checked and it is showing excessive data usage.
The data usage appears to show huge data for Live.vodaf 3 times within hours of each other!
Compared to all my other data usage now and over the years, this is out of place.
Can you please investigate this as TPG is now charging for data usage.

Would like to know what is causing this.

Level 3

Anyone from TPG care to reply or look into this for me?


Hi @seahunter68,


We reviewed your account and learned that the Live.vodaf that you've seen is your mobile Data usage. We are using the Vodafone network that's why it shows that label on your usage report.


All of the usages are valid as our system provides us with an accurate result. Here's one of our community article which gives you tips on how to minimise your mobile data usage.


Kind regards,