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I recently applied for a new account with TPG and in doing so, was quite surprised at what happened. To understand what happened here, one must first understand the circumstances surrounding me. I'm liver tranplant recipient and I live in a Back Packer Lodge near the Hospital and I need good internet for video conferencing with specialists and Doctors and normal day to day activities like shopping, The owner of the building refuses to acknowledge my concerns about poor internet service, even though I pay for internet services inclusive in rent payments. Without going into the reasons why the landlord is not human, I applied for my own account with TPG and was refused because the landlord is a TPG account holder for the same address. NBN Co. can not provide me with a service unless my landlord fills in a Commercial Works/Application form and he's refused to do that. So I'm up the creek without a paddle. It's systematically wrong. I've tried other telco Co but here in lies the rub, I'm in a black spot, go figure, so the only way I can get decent internet service is to connect up to cable and that's 25m away, just sitting in the footpath. The kind of descriptive names I could label the owner of this building with is unlimited, but they are also unprintable. A word of advice, in this COVID-19 environment, living at the Backpacker/Student accommodation - English Lodge in Petersham 2049, is a not only uncomfortable it's unsafe and possibly dangerous.