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Mobile Account ?

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I was just doing a quick check on My Account to see where 'I was at' regarding emails etc and noticed what seems very odd to me regarding my Mobile Account.

There are 2 entries which does not make a alot of sense:


I added the (????) to point out my question about the meaning of both having 2 Plan Entries (which I never authorised) and what is the actual meaning of this ?

Do I no longer have my Mobile account with TPG (i.e. Who/What is Novus) ?

And the 'Your TPG mobile usage charges explained' is even more confusing. I thought I had a simple fixed monthly contract that included several Gigbytes of data and unlimited calls and texts within Australia.

I'm not complaining, just trying to understand why this appears so different to what I thought I agreed to, although I've been with TPG for so long I may have changed my basic plan years ago and don't remember. I which case, is the 2nd plan the current plan and the 1st the old plan that no longer applies and is only there for historical reasons ?

Kind Regards




Hi @fneill1503 


We've edited your post as it contains details, that should not be shared to public as it may compromise your security.


You are still with TPG, Novus is just a new system for our Mobile account.