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Monthly Invoice to be sent over email

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I today called Customer service to send me the invoice and receipt over email when it is generated but they simply declined. They said that I should call them everytime my invoice is generated and request to sent to my email id. It should be sent automatically if I want it to be sent on a regular basis. One cannot download the invoice in PDF or any acceptable format from TPG website. Invoices should be provided to us once it is generated.


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We do not send tax invoices automatically on a monthly basis as we've made it available on your TPG My Account. If you require a PDF copy, you will need to contact us by phone or email. Moreover, we continuously work on improving our online account service for our customers. Just PM to us your TPG account details including the date of the tax invoice that you wish to obtain and we'll send it to you accordingly. 


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I think that this is the worst ever way of invoicing that I have had experienced in my engagement with a business. There is no way to even download the invoice as a pdf on the accounts page. All you can do is print the whole web page as a pdf. If I have to get a copy I have t call them every month? to get a pdf invoice? The issue is how long will you have these invoices available online? If I move away from TPG, how will I access the invoices. A simple action of sending the invoice via PDF when generated seems to be way too complicated (and costly) for TPG. Will be moving away from TPG very soon as I can't be calling a company every month to send me an invoice for my records.