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Hi is it possible to get a pdf of the monthly invoices or sent to my email address automatically ? Thanks

Hi @Dy817


For account management and other account related info required, you may log in to your TPG My Account.


You can download your invoices and convert them into pdf format. 




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That is really poor form from you TPG.

People need Tax Invoices for tax purposes, be it for their income tax returns or BAS lodgements. To expect your clients to have to log in to their portal each month, fish around for the invoice and then have to ** around with priting to PDF, saving, exporting is a bit rich. Unfortunately not everyone is tech savvy and most small business owners are busy running their own business and don't have time for this.

Why can't you just send monthly Tax Invoices in PDF format without all the gobbledygook in the header/footers like every other service provider is able to?

I am a bookkeeper and 2 out of 3 of my clients who had accounts with you guys switched providers because of this. I'm about to suggest to my last client that they switch too as I already have enough work to do without having to do your job for you.

Lift your game.


Hi @litemup219 ,


Sorry, but we do not provide an invoice via Email automatically as of the moment.

Either you download it via TPG My Account or request it via a phone call to our Accounts team or advise us with your request.

If you cannot find an option to download it in PDF, please PM your TPG account details, email address and date of the tax invoice/s that you wish to obtain.

How do I private message (PM) in the community.