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Relocation when I have two addresses

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I own two houses and two TPG accounts and associated email addresses, one in Long Beach, NSW, 2536 and the other in Weetangera, ACT, 2614.


I will be leaving Weetangera, ACT, 2614 and would like to relocate my account and associated email addresses to my Long Beach, NSW, 2536 address. I don't mind losing the account and email addresses for Long Beach, NSW, 2536.


TPG tell me I can't do this unless I pay $27 a month to keep one email address on top of our NBN fees.


This makes no sense at all and just seems like a money grab. There must be a way to do this? I would have thought it would be the same as a normal relocation when you move addresses?

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Hi @stuartcoulson . You could convert your NSW account to email only for $27.50 per year if you want ( 

After that, it should be a normal relocation. Check that your ACT email address stays active at the NSW address.

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thanks for the response.

I don't need the NSW account/email I just want to relocate the ACT account but have been told this isn't possible.


This doesn't make any sense


Hi @stuartcoulson

We'd like to have a closer look on this matter. Any chance you can PM both the Customer ID or username of the accounts?