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Moving TPG Services to our new home

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Hi Team,


I have moved to a new house and requested a transfer of service from my old home. Please see the sequence of events below:

1. Requested 1st service transfer on 8th April 2020. I received a comfirmation email along with the link to an Installation Tracker - registration was received.

2. Since the account was under my father's name and I wanted to take over the payment, I changed the DD bank account details.


After 10 business days of no communication, I contacted TPG via online chat. I was transferred to 3 different people and the last person ignored my chat for about 4 hours (staggered replies, not even consistent) and eventually closed it. (IF TPG requires the chat details, I can email it to them).


3. I finally received communication from TPG to fill out a DD form. I filled it up and sent it back. I also received an acknowledgement that signed form has been received and payments have been updated.

4. I checked the Installation Tracker - payment was successful and service installation said it was completed.

5. I set up the devices at home as per TPG's website instructions. Howvever, there was no internet for 36+hrs.

6. Called up TPG service transfer and was told that the service transfer had not been completed and that the account was still linked to the old house.

7. My Bank account shows a transaction.

8. I have applied again for another transfer of services (Moving Home) - the 2nd application.


In summary, I have requested "Moving Home" for the second time and I have been without internet for over half a month. Payment has also been taken.

Can someone from TPG please assist us in getting our services transferred & ensure that our payments are only for the services that we use? I understand COVID19 situation has been really hard on everyone. But please contact me if you have a solution. 


Kind Regards,