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Moving house - no contact

Level 2

I have been a customer of yours since 2005 and getting very frustrated with my ability to change my service to NBN as I move.

Every time I try to do it online through my account I get to to contact the “Change of account team ... as further information is required.”

With Covid19 I can not contact the team. I’ve tried to use online support and they just directed me back to doing it online through my account, which gives me the same message.

I have sent an email to your account team through your forms to change account and was supposed to have 24 hour response and I’ve heard nothing in approximately 5 days.

Please contact me by COB 9/4, or I’ll be canceling my account because at least that function seems to work from the account page.

A disappointed long time customer.
Level 2
Can you please explain where the cancellation option is in accounts? I can't see that option and I am struggling with my cancellation. Thanks