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My wife's email is having trouble sending

Level 3


We are unable to logon to the tpg website using my wife's details.

Her username and customer Id is kmbarakat 6721803.

Both are showing as active on the TPG website.

For over month, she has had trouble responding to emails she gets from her friends. The error message is alway "unknown error. try again" showing in a small red box. I attempted to logon using her credentials to see whether she can send an email using the web postoffice however, we cannot logon.

I have reset her email settings mutiple time. on some occasions, the reply and send function will work but only for a short time before it again fails to do so. As the error message is on her phone, i cant get a screenshot. there is NO error code, only unknown error. our attempt tp send an email from the Web postoffice fails as she cannot logon despite all her email settings are correct including user name and pasword.

Please help. We have changed passwords, however we dont want to delete slave email.

Level 13

Hi @akj0barakat . When you login to My Account using your browser and your wife's credentials, what is the error message? Eg. Invalid details used. (Login to Post Office with wrong details doesn't give much of an indication.)

When using her phone, is that using the mail app (mail client)?

Is the phone able to receive emails (POP3)?


For sending (SMTP) and receiving (POP3) emails, what are the settings?
Server name, port number, security setting?