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NBN Data reset too early!

Level 2
I recently applied to end my 6-month contract in advance
and it is due to end on the 26th of July.
My usual billing period ends on the 26th,
however, when I checked my current usage, a new billing period has prematurely started
deleting all my leftover data which should be valid until the 26th of this month.
I haven't used about 4GB out of 10GB which I have been planning to
use closer to the end of the billing period. Why has it been deleted?
Also, the new billing period which started on the day I applied to cancel my contract
is longer than a month but only provides 10GB. Why hasn't it been increased proportionately
according to the number of the days added to the billing period?
I believe this is incorrect and unfair.
Please revert my billing periods
and left over data usage so that I can access the last 20GB of the contract that I've paid for.
I tried to send you a PM but there was no 'send a PM' button when I clicked on a moderator's ID.

Hi @nijiproductions 


We'd like to check what happened in this instance. 


As for the billing, the cycle normally runs on a 30-day period and will sometimes change as not all month ends in 30days. 


I have sent you a private message and we'll await your TPG account details.