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NBN cancelled without authorisation

Level 3
This is my second post this week thus far, my internet service has now been cut off by TPG apparently “per my request”. I have spoken with TWO TPG REPRESENTATIVES THIS WEEK WHO ASSURED ME MY INTERNET SERVICE WOULD NOT BE DISRUPTED!!!! At this point I am absolutely disgusted by the customer service provided by TPG, none of you know how to communicate with each other effectively leading to this MASSIVE mistake. We have had NOTHING but issues since the day I signed up with TPG. I was told to expect a call today from a TPG representative regarding my ongoing case investigation and have not yet received any contact. This needs to be rectified IMMEDIATELY.
Level 3
I have now escalated this to the telecommunications ombudsman as well as the ACCC

Hi @shaykempen


We chased this to the assigned Complaints Resolution Case Manager yesterday and attempted to contact you today but no avail. We will raise this to them for additional reference on the ongoing assessment.