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NEED SUPPORT- Appauling customer service

Level 2
I had issues with my NBN Service for nearly 2-3 months.
Engineers attended the property and supposedly fixed the service on 2 occasions. On each occasion the problem was temporarily fixed before the line dropped in and out again. 

Because we had been without a service for 2-3months and had grown tired of waiting for failed repair attempts, we opted to change to TPG 5G.  I was told by a TPG service member that I would have to close my NBN account before I could seek compensation for the 2-3 months of faulty service.

Upon closing the account and then seeking compensation, I have been transferred from billing to NbN to 5g Wireless trying to achieve compensation for the 3 months of faulty service. 
I am absolutely disgusted by the level of customer service. Each representative I talk to has no grasp of how to compensate me and simply tells me it's another department's problem.

It is simply not good enough. I have spent nearly 3 hours on the phone trying to seek fair reimbursement. If I am not fairly reimbursed I will be forced to take this to the ACCC.
Please contact me Asap.

Hi @reidmaddy


We'd like to take a closer look on your case and see what we can do to provide proper resolution.


Please shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.