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New mobile activation issues - it's been over 3days and still no solution

Level 2

I think I have reach my peak level of patience.


It's been over 3 days since I have attempted to get my service activated in what should have been a simple task of transferring my existing number over to TPG. I currently don't have service with my previous service provider contrary to what TPG says about my existing service will still be active until I am transferred across.


Every time I call up to ask I just get the same repeated answer that my case is being escalated and that it will take another 24hrs of investigation. I ordered 2 sim cards and was suppose to transfer my wife's number over to TPG as well but frankly I dont have any confidence in doing that as I dont want her to experience what I am going through right now.


If anyone from TPG is looking at this, the case number is 97656691. I just want this nightmare to end. 


Hi @DT31


Thanks for raising this to our attention.

We'd like to look into the account for better understanding of the situation.


I tried to search for the case number, but not able to pull up any account.

Please send me a PM with your customer ID or mobile phone number.



Level 2
Hi Basil,

I've sent you a PM. I feel as though I'm not closer to getting a resolution from you guys.