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No Access to Novus Dashboard

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Thank you @PM7.


This will help us resolve this type of issue in a timely manner.



Level 3
Level 3

I tried this again just now and figured out the problem with your software.

  1. When you login using your username or ID number, it takes you to the old My Account page. I see many Customers like myself, on these forums, telling you they were never notified about this change and so we are logging on using the same details as we always have.
  2. When you are on the old My Account page, then you open View All Mobile Service Accounts and see it saying: Status    Moved to Novus
  3. At the top of that same page, it says: Looking for your other services? Click here to manage your other services.
  4. If you use this feature it takes you back to the login page. Then you follow the new instrucions and enter your phone number and password, however it only keeps opening the old My Account page. You see a flicker of the new dashboard for a split second but it opens the old page instead.
  5. The fix is Don't use Click here to manage your other services but instead choose Log Out on the right side of the screen.
  6. Now after logging out, enter your phone number and password and then it will open the new Dashboard.
  7. Once I successfully logged in and out of the new dashboard several times, I found the Click here to manage your other services on the old page did somehow suddenly link to the new dashboard.

I did all this several times and got the same result, so hopefully it can help some other people.

TPG need to check why the Click here to manage your other services doesn't work straight away to take people to the new dashboard.



Thanks for this helpful tips, PM7!