No interne

Level 2
Account number 5811021
I have been on line to TPG since 10am this morning I have been cut off four times after holding for ages getting through then being transferred hung for ages again then cut off.
Tried telephoning. Chatting and now this.
The longest I hung on was three and a half hours
This is rediculous
I have been told that my internet has been disconnected I have no idea why I was not consulted
It is now 8.45 pm and I ha e been hold on once again for 24 minutes.
Just as well I am not a new customer as there is no customer service here
I am bderatand you maybe busy but 10 hours is over the top
I have never been late paying my account and today a medical appointment was missed due to the error
Please please HELP
I cannot wait until Tuesday
Please call 0418520206. ASAP
Thank you
Barry and Pat Whitford