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No signal on my tpg mobile- SOS only

Level 2
Hi, Hi I am very sorry to tell you that the service of TPG is getting worse day by day. I had a new TPG pre paid mobile a couple of weeks ago. it took me 20 calls to your so called help desk ( Who barely doe the help, are so rude that they even disconnect the call by saying hellow only, they are not capable of helping due to lack of training or some unknow issues to fix the issue. Now i am having another issue with my old tpg number which has didn't connect to non tpg number saying that it had insufficient amount to connect.( my account had sufficient fund & it was direct debit from my account) . The interesting part is after contacting help desk( it took me 90 minutes to get through) , the issue was further aggravated & now my signal says SOS only. Can some competent person from Australia solve this issue. Hoping to get my problem rectified asap not on Monday as I was promised.

Hi @alpha575


Thanks for raising this with us.


We were able to locate your account and will chase this with our Mobile Engineers for further update.


Someone will be in touch with you as soon as it becomes available.