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Online usage page only showing TPG proxy not destination address for all router traffic

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the online usage page for My Account needs to list the target destination of web addresses, not your proxy server ( 


It's of little help - except to show which days were big usage days what domains my router is connecting to and what volume of traffic is going to them. I need to know what I'm doing with the limited bandwidth.


You need to list the top 10 or 20 domains by traffic and the volume of data to/from them.


Users need to know where the traffic is going to so we can make decisions about access and use of various apps. E.g. how much is going to Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.  My phone has better network usage than this, and it's enabled me to identify apps and domains that I don't want to get large amounts of data from or sent to.


Otherwise, I've got to workout how to enable some kind of web-use logging on the router? 





Hi @thebigchuckster


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For the privacy of our customers, we do not check or list the web address or site that they are visiting.