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The dramas of cancelling a mobile phone account. I have just yesterday discussed this account, again, with one of your operators (Ref:98474904) who assured me, more than once, that I would not be charged anything more on my account. I wake this morning to see another charge for "Porting". You are already holding $15.19 in my account that has been sitting there as a pre-paid amount. I would have assumed that you  would take this newly invented ‘Porting’ charge from that, if you really think that you need to scrape every last cent that you can from me before I go.

I have been a loyal TPG customer for 18 years since 23/12/2003. That is 18 YEARS!!!! 18 YEARS!!!! I am not just a person who chops and changes providers and I would have been happy to stay with you except that I could not get through to you that I was having a problem with the charging you have been doing for my text messages.

Refer Ref:65633295 and other calls to your service department too.

I was charged $10.37 last month for supposedly going over my limit. When I checked my account I saw that for each text I was sending was being charged at least 2 and often 4 or 5 or more times for the one text, at the same second. At one time there was the same text that was apparently sent 50 times!!!! Of course you charged me and this came out of my pre-paid balance. My texts are normally short texts and did not go over the 160 characters. Only occasionally do I send a long text. I was told that I had my phone set to request a delivery report, but I checked, and this is not the case and I have never had it set on that. I was told you would look into it and I still have not heard from you. That is why I gave up and cancelled my service.

Also you have recently changed your billing system, which is convenient for you, because now I can not see my past of present charges. I can sign into my old account 2767669 but can not access previous activity. I can no longer sign into the new account, so  i am now ‘blind’ to all that goes on from your end.

Please refund the $10.37 overcharge for texts I did not make (Your system duplicated the charges for each text more than once per text)

Please refund the $11 Porting charge as I was never at any stage told this was applicable

Please Do not charge me any more monthly account fees as I am no longer a customer.

Remember you already held previous the balance of $15.19 on the account as well, so who knows where that has disappeared to.

Please be reasonable and considerate about this. Don’t let the ‘System’ take control of sensible human logic.


Joyce de Bruyn


Hi @2767669


Thanks for raising this with us.


We'll raise your case with our Accounts team to further assess your account.

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