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Today I wanted to cancel my account and found it was extremely difficult and ridiculous! I tried to talk to your online support staff members via live chat from 4:30pm. I talked to three people and all of them told me that they would refer me to their Accounts Specialists team regarding my account cancellation. However, no one from your Accounts Specialists team contacted me. I waited until 9pm (nearly 5 hours) and then my last live chat was closed by your support staff memeber without any response.


As being a TPG customer for more than 10 years, I was extremely disappointed!!! I just wanted to cancel one of my two TPG broadband services, but now I have decided to cancel both of them. I will NOT use your service anymore. This is totally unacceptable!


I have all live chat messages printed out with the date and time. I will withdraw money from my bank account. I will NOT let you bill me for another month. If you do, I will definitely sue you!


As being a customer of yours, you will have to answer my inquiry of my account cancellation ASAP!

Level 2

I'm having the same issue at the moment. It's criminal, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Hope you got a response. I'm still trying. Have just queued in the chat again for over an hour only to have the customer service person say they will forward the request to the accounts specialist team then nothing...... It's a blatant runaround to not let you cancel. This is why I switched to Exetel. I have made a complaint to tpg, no response, cancelled with their online form which said someone would call me within one working day and my account will remain unchanged until then (no phone call) and now commented on their Facebook page which seems to get a reply for some people. We shall see! Failing that there is the telecommunications ombudsman and I will be cancelling the direct debit that comes out of my bank account.