Level 2

 I need to retry a payment. I can’t login since multi factor authentication has been introduced, but is another subject. When I talk to an customer service operator they say my card has expired and that I need to update it. My card has not expired and I have money in my account. The customer service operator wanted me to update my card details over the phone last month and I refused and then the payment came out of my account. The payment came out of my account the month before and has done every month since February 2021 when the card was issued and I updated my details. Multiple customer service operators keep saying that my card has expired and I need to update it which is incorrect. I am very upset by this, I have had hours on the phone waiting and talking to no avail. I can’t even look at my account online because I now can’t even login! I’ve been with TPG for 10 years or more but I am so frustrated and disappointed that I am so close to finding another provider!


Hi @evansgroup


We'd like to check on the account to confirm if the credit card on file has expired or not.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.