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Please refund and cancel my nbn service

Level 2
I was with TPG for almost 2 years. NBN speed wasn't that great but was still happy to stick around with them. Had a better deal with Vodafone and was assured that I didn't have to do anything to cancel. Changed service on 25/11/18 and got a full bill on the 30/11/18 which I was happy to pay. Only to find out that I was charged again on the 30/12/18 and my service was still active with them.

Rang them up today and they pointed the finger back at my current service provider and also said my current ISP had no authority to cancel as I am the account holder and can only be cancelled by me. Spoke to my current provider and he said everything was done on the 25/11/18 and that TPG would have been told by NBN to cancel my service as the change over has been approved. TPG customer service is very poor and they're charging people for no reason.

I don't think it is legal to charge someone when you are not providing the service anymore. I have a feeling that I will be charged this January as well. I would like a refund and not be charged illegally. I will take it to TIO if this is not resolved as TPG is no longer providing NBN to my premise.

Hi @ZM86,


We're saddened to learn that you have cancelled your service.


For cancellation of service, we require our customers to send written cancelation notices via email.
We require the authencity of the request thus requiring the Account holder to send cancellation notice.


As for your current provider, Vodafone may have requested to get the service from NBN Network, but did not made any notification that you will be cancelling the service.

Level 2
Hi, may i ask how this was resolved or left in the end for you? I also changed to vodafone 4 months ago and only realised that i am still being charged by TPG, also after what vodafone told me would be cancelled. Thanks

Hi @vinceyeow85


Welcome to TPG Community!


We regret to hear that you've transferred your service to another provider.


We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the account, but was not able to receive any notification that you've requested to terminate your account with us.


To discuss this case further, please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted today and I'll arrange a call from our Accounts team.


How to send a PM? Click here.





Hi @vinceyeow85,


Thank you for sending your contact details via PM and we understand that our Accounts team has been in touch.


The account is now terminated and your case manager will be in touch with you on Monday to provide further updates with the request.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.