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Hi All,

Taking the time here to report my horrible experience with this ISP. We signed up for ADSL2, 3 weeks ago with TPG (installed 2 weeks ago). We signed up with a no lock-in contract costing $99. I then get an alert last Friday regarding upgrading to NBN. I called and was advised I will need to pay another setup fee of $99 when I said this was unacceptable I was told to cancel my plan and transferred to a recorded busy message and hung up on. I called the next day and got a similar experience and told there was nothing they can do and its an NBN charge not TPG charge.

I signed up with another ISP with no connection fee or lockin contract
yesterday and today TPG call me to say I'm ready for the NBN, when I told them the situation they offered a free upgrade which i cannot now accept.

Im left in a position where I paid approximately $160 for 1 month of ADSL2+.

Very poor service.

Hi @Wpzt9,

Our customers can select two options in upgrading ADSL2+ service to NBN service.

  1. For no lock-in contract they just need to pay for the $99.95 setup fee.
  2. If you do not want to pay for the set up fee, you can sign up for 18-months contract and TPG will pay the set up fee on customer's behalf.

To avoid redundancy and confusion please see our initial post located here.

Level 3
Hi Shane,

Yes, we signed up for no lockin 2 weeks ago and paid $99 however tpg are asking for a further $99 for nbn now. I spoke to 2 different tpg representatives regarding this and was told nothing could be done.

After I sign up with another company they call me to say it can be done for free.

Very poor experience.

Please see our response to your initial post located here.