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Question regarding migration

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Ok, the main email address I use is from my old TPG account, I wanted to use my old email address for my new TPG account but was informed that it would not be possible. I was allowed though to keep using my old email address for $27 per year, which I did as I really needed to keep it.


Questions are:

Will I be allowed to use the same old email address on TMC?


Also, will I still have to pay TPG a fee each year to use the address after migrating it to TMC?




Hi @heaththorpe ,


To answer your questions.


Yes, you will still be able to use your TPG email address as it is when you decided to opt-in to TMC.


You can transfer the TPG email address for free until 15 September 2024. TMC will provide you details 60 days before 15 September 2024 with the pricing options should you wish to continue to use your TPG email address.