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I received an email today stating i was eligible for a refund due to my nbn not reaching the speeds I was told TPG could provide to my area. I’m just wondering if anyone else has received this?

Also if anyone else has received this email and gone with option 1, did you get TPG to pay the refund to you or did you take it as a credit?

“ Option 1 - Move plans and receive a refund
You can choose to move to a lower speed plan that your line can support for the remainder of your contract. If you choose this option, you will not be charged a change of plan fee and you will receive a refund.

The refund will be credited to your TPG account unless you tell us otherwise. If you were on a different NBN speed plan prior to your current plan and also could not receive the maximum internet speeds for that plan, your refund will take into account your current and previous NBN plans with TPG. ”

Thank you for any and all help.
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I went with option 1 no idea when refund will hapen. Nothing against tpg but dissapointed with nbn speeds available to me...Nbn rolled out and I now have full adsl2 speeds..

Hi @Katten and @malcomfray


I would recommend replying to the email received regarding the refund as there is a dedicated team who is always ready to assist.


Nevertheless, feel free to let us know should require any further assistance. 





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I too received the email re TPG not reaching advised speeds. I am currently on the 50Mbps plan. I am thinking I will take the go to the lower plan, take the refund and then upgrade to the higher plan again. My speeds are always higher then 25Mbps so I think I need to be on the higher plan. Any thoughts?

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I got the same offer and selected option 1 to reduce my NBN 100 (never got 100) to NBN 50 (with refund) a few hours ago.  I asked the help desk to send my refund to the same credit card account from which my monthly payments have been debited (rather than as a credit to my tpg account).


A (few hours -1) or so hours ago) I got an email saying the plan change had been effected.  I looked at my TPG account and the necessary account lines have been added.  I looked at my bank account and no adjustments have yet been made there.  I ran a speed test on the line and the numbers now reflect what I am paying for (rather than numbers for both download and upload being below what I had been paying for).


When I notice an entry to my credit card balance due to the refund, I'll let you know - I had failed to ask the NBN remediation project person when to expect the refund during the phone call (they had given me time to ask questions, I just did not think of asking that one).  If I fail to remember to tell you that my refund has arrived after 2 weeks or more, please feel free to remind me of my intention to tell you.

Regards, JohnC



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Exact same process as you. I did ask when I will see the refund on my credit card. Sophie (on the other end) said it will take up to 2 weeks. Hope this helps.

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I rang also and they told me the refund back onto your card will take approx 10 business days. I have been emailed regarding my plan being changed but havent heard sny more about my refund.
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Is there a contact email address for the refund team as i have a claim.
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i got the letter also, it is basically a sorry not sorry. it's a refund you can't get unless you down grade to a much lower speed. i think this is the straw that is going to push me to switch to aussie broad band. 

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I’m in the same boat & quite frustrated that I’m paying for a service I can’t receive. Has anyone considered other internet options? I’m wondering about switching to a mobile 5G service but I have no idea how much data I’m using - it’s not shown on my account.