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Refunds for accounts in credit

Level 2
I have used TPG with satisfaction as well as am a customer who strongly recommended TPG to others. However, I was very disappointed with the cancellation process.
In the previous email, TPG mentioned "Please note that a refund amounting to $89.99 will be finalised within 3 to 5 working days". Does it mean that the refund amounting to $89.99 is in my TPG account? 
I received the email "Your TPG account is in credit by $89.99" 
TPG should have refunded the amount of my bank account, not the TPG account.
As I mentioned many times, I don't need TPG anymore because I will move overseas!!
I really want the prepayment balance to be credited to my bank account ASAP.
How can I organise this credit to be reimbursed into my bank account? 
I can never understand TPG's process for cancellation. It made customers stressed as well as deteriorated brand image. Please solve the issue ASAP!!!!

Hey @yumi071500,


We can help get your refund sorted from here. Send through a private message with your account details, and we'll go from there.