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Hi, I hope that I can get some help with this. A dialogue box "pop up" is regularly occuring whenever I use a Microsoft Product such as Word or Excel. The text in the box included the words [Security Alert,, Information that you exchange with this site cannot be viewed or changed by others. However there's a problem with the site's security certificate] Refer Photo attached. What is this about and what should be done? I am concerned that this certificate might not be genuine. I do not know what function it serves or if it is genuine. 

Security Alert.jpg


Hi @Ellih,


Your browser is the one blocking the website. Are you trying to access that particular site? 




Hi @Ellih . How long has this been happening?

Was there an upgrade to any Microsoft products?

Next time it occurs, click the View Certificate box and attach that screenshot.

What happens if you select the yes or no options?

Is there an option to save the certificate in your certificate store?


Autodiscovery is part of recent Microsoft products. Something to do with finishing product configuration. You can check how to disable Autodiscovery in Microsoft products.

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Thanks Ahra_G

It happens when I try to use an excel spreadsheet or a word document. If I answer 'yes' to the question 'Do you want to proceed' then I am able to use the app. If I answer no then I am blocked from using the app. This began happening around 6 months ago. Prior to that I had never seen this dialogue box.

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Thanks david64. 

In answer to your questions:

- Around 6 months

- I opened a new Microsoft Outlook account, without realising it. I deleted it this week.

- OK, at some point I will upload another photo or two

- If I select the yes option, then I am able to use the app (word or excel)

- No option to save to store. Only to install.

I am beginning to think this is probably OK. Your comments have helped.