Shaped speed

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I was wondering if others have experienced the NBN shaped speed of 32 kB/s. It is a joke. One cannot do anything on that speed. It took half an hour for my Outlook email to open.


Why can't other shaped speeds be offered?



Hi @stevend,


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We were able to locate your account and learned that you are under our Basic NBN12 speed tier with 10 GB data for $29.99/Month. If the allocated data have been consumed, then the internet speed will be shaped to 32 kbps for Downloads and 32 kbps for Uploads.


If you keep on consuming the allocated data for your account, then you might need to upgrade it to the next Basic NBN12 plan with 100 GB of data (50GB for Off-peak hours and 50GB for peak hours) for $49.99/Month, it also comes with unlimited local and standard national calls. You may refer to our website for more information.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


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Level 2

That is not shaping, that is disabling and blackmailing people to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

This is affecting the most vulnerable of the community.      TPG should be ashamed , especially during these hard times.

PLEASE ALTER SHAPING TO AT LEAST 128K!!!     At least you could oipien Outlook at that speed.