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So many charges on my card to transfer ownership of mobile plan

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I requested a port out for my mobile number yesterday, but as the account was under my dads name the only way to get it transferred to my name (to proceed with the port) was to create a new account and be billed $38.99 for the one month fee inc a $20 deposit which i was fine with.


I had a look at my credit card today and i was charged another $11 which i was never informed about.


Assuming i get refunded the $20 deposit, im out of pocket $30 just for transferring my TPG number (which i have had since 2013) from my dads name to mine and holding it for one day? It doesnt seem right.


Good day @yeowie,

Welcome to TPG Community!

I was able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the notes.

I've learned that your Father has an ADSL2+ internet service account which the mobile number is registered. In order to port your number to a different mobile carrier, the account name and date of birth of the current account should be the same when you register with them. If not, the port out will not commence.

Since the mobile number is under your Fathers ADSL2+ account, even if we request to add your name to it, the date of birth is still different. The work around for it, is to create a new account with your details for you to successfully transfer the number to a different carrier.

Regarding the port out fee, you may check the details further on our website under -> Terms & Conditions ->Mobile Plan Brochure-> If you port your mobile service number to another carrier a port out fee of $11 is payable in addition to any other charges.

I've seen that there's a refund that is being processed to the account. I'll send the details via private message.

Kind regards,