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South Brisbane, Opticomm network, Telstra Velocity fibre network , transfer?

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I'm a TPG retail custome in the suburb of South Brisbane . Brisbane.
What I want to know is how the network sale will affect my TPG connection account?   <<<<<<<<<<

This area has a history
Latest is ....
A subsidiary of ASX-listed Uniti Group, Opticomm owns and operates a national wholesale access fibre broadband network.   The company acquired Telstra’s Velocity and South Brisbane Exchange fibre networks and assets in 2020.


To have a internet connection with TPG I was/am forced to pay $30 month for a Telstra fixed line connection.  I got a email back in April from Telstra.  it starts

"Keeping your home phone connected.
You will need to move to the upgraded network.
Hi Peter,

Your phone service is currently active on Telstra’s Velocity fibre network. In December 2020, Telstra sold this network to Uniti Group Limited to be operated by its subsidiary Opticomm Pty Ltd (Opticomm).
Over the coming months, Opticomm will be upgrading the network which means
to keep your phone service connected you will need to move to the new, upgraded Opticomm network.
Elsewhere it says
"The transition to the Opticomm network has begun
If you’re a Telstra Velocity customer, we’ll be in touch when it’s time to move to the upgraded Opticomm network, and explain what to do to stay connected.
Read more about the upgrade below. ........
The email has a link to this page
It links to a PDF that contains that I should get communication from my retail provider - in this case TPG



Hi @PeterTJWag99WWg


We'd like to check this with our Team.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.

And what type of account do you have with Telstra? If it's a phone service account?