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TPG new 4g sim card

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I have old tpg sim card that support only 3g, and currently tpg support 4g network.


How can I get the new simcard without paying $20? as this new sim card suppose to be free. why I have to pay $20 on that new sim card? Thanks


Hi @dragonrabbit,


We can request for Migration Change of Plan. Where you will have a free new Sim Card which supports 3G/4G connection. (free shipping fee)

(shipping process might take 2-3 business days or 3-5 in rural areas.)

Once you receive the new Sim Card you will have to contact our Mobile Support Team or Visit our webiste to activate the account.

(sim card activation might take 1-2 business days)


Hi @dragonrabbit,


In addition the new Sim Card network will be no longer on the 'Optus' network as our newer, better plans are now delivered via the 'Vodafone' network Smiley Very Happy

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Hi Shane


My plane is under Super Value Plan Medium (New) with $16.99 monthly plan. 

I did try change the plan to vodafone, seems the monthl increase to $20/ month.


Not happy as I am your old customer and for new offer you should keep the old rate mate.


Hi @dragonrabbit,

This is understandable, but please be assured that we take a genuine interest in all customer feedback to better the deals on our plan service.

Currently, this is the best deal that we can offer for the free upgrade.

Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


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Hi @dragonrabbit, I remember the Super Value plan! It was great when I had it in 2014 or 2015 I think, 1.5GB included right? But I've since moved on to the T4G plan. 


I see the closest T4G plan is the T4G Small with 1.5GB, which is $19.99 which is $3 more than your Super Value Medium plan. I guess the benefit you get in return for that $3 is access to the 4G network. I read here that 4G is up to 10 times faster than 3G! Depends on your situation whether it's worth it but I can recommend 4G Smiley Happy


Also the T4G plans don't have that automated prepayment top-up once you use more than your inclusions. With T4G you have an optional prepayment. Some people like knowing that when they use all their inclusions, that's it until billing cycle restart and there's no more charges.  But for me, I like the T4G prepayment because I can buy 1GB extra for $10 when I run out of data Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy. Something to keep in mind anyway when deciding if making the change to T4G is for you.

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I dont switch to that offer because it has 3 minutes minimum call.
So no other option for your loyal customer like me? I have two sim card, as i m shopping around at the moment for best deals.
If i switch it cost me extra $6/months to maintain 2 sim cards. Thanks