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I've been a customer with TPG since 2014-2015 or even earlier & started with my current mobile phone number. Sometime later my wife joined TPG & we also took up ADSL+ (now NBN) with TPG & in this process all the services were combined under one account. However, I wasn't made aware of the fact the there can only be ONE account holder, in this case my wife. Now, I'm trying to transfer my number to a different provider & I've been refused saying that the number I'm trying to 'port' doesn't belong to me. Please advise as to how can I remove my mobile number out of the current account into a separate account under my name. Thanks.


Hi @Kaushik_Roy ,


We regret to learn that you are transferring to another mobile provider. We will need to create a separate account for your mobile number by submitting a change of ownership request. Here's how:
How to request for Change of Ownership (Broadband and Mobile)


Your existing account for NBN will remain on both of you and your wife's name.


Let us know if you require further help.