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URGENT-cancel home phone line and Internet

Level 2


I tried four days to contact TPG via online chat, but when it took half hour of waiting time and finally went through the identity check procedure, I was put in waiting again for a cancellation specialist to process but no one turned up in next couple of hours! It happened several times. No one replied to my email either!


Can you please reply to me for the request because I also need you to refund me the $59.99 you pre-debited on 18 Mar for the usage period of 25 Mar - 24 Apr.




Level 2
I’m having the exact same issue as this.

“Transferred” several times in chat and nothing happens. No response from emails. No response from my post requesting cancellation. Then my direct debit is processed. Really awful service
Level 2

I have been the TPG customer since almost 20 years ago when it was only a very small tele company. Now it has grown up as one of the giants in telecom industry, but the service is becoming worse year by year......  I am very disappointed.