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Unable to update credit card details after card expiry

Level 2

After my credit card expired, I have tried multiple times and multiple ways to update TPG with new credit card details, to no avail.


I tried to update the details on the TPG website, but once I click the button to submit, I get a blank screen with the URL


Next, I downloaded the TPG app and tried to enter the new details there, but every time I submitted details, I received the error: "You are not authorized to view this page. The transaction has not been processed. If the problem persist, please report your problem and quote the following Error Reference Number: E-3817655134B54EB789CAF2816EB1EF43"


Last, I called TPG Customer Support, who put me through to an IVR system to enter the details. They had me try four different times and every time the system said "We are unable to store your credit card details".


In all, I tried to enter three different sets of credit card details, from two different banks and always received an error. I've had no issue making other online and in person payments with any of the cards, only with TPG. Despite this, the customer support person insisted that the problem is with my bank, and it is up to me to resolve the issue with them. They refused to even take down the error number above and investigate it.


Hi @Jkit


We'd like to look into the account for better understanding of the situation.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.



Level 2

Thanks Basil, I will.

I just saw a reply from my bank, confirming that despite my numerous attempts to enter new credit card details and then process the payment, TPG is still sumbitting payments to them using my expired credit card.